Listen to “Devil’s In The Details” by Jennifer Paige

When your name is as synonymous with a smash hit single which is as well-known as Jennifer Paige is for “Crush”, then we really do need to fill you in that she’s an artist with albums worth of material to her name much more than her 1990’s pop corker of the day.

Jennifer’s career in pop has spanned the decades infact and even when she’s had to take a life break, the fire to the flame is such, that when the time is right Jennifer’s returned and got right back in with the music. Although for the most part behind-the-scenes as a songwriter, she has in recent times peeped up on our radar, partnering up with Coury Palermo.

2017 is the year which celebrates Jennifer Paige back as an independent recording artist though, which is wonderful news!

After setting up a Kickstarter campaign a fan-funded new album awaits us, named “Starflower”. The very name conjuring up elegance and beauty, couldn’t be more of an applicable statement made in reference to the first single “Devil’s In The Details”. A stunning choice of mid-tempo, pop balladry. The track is hugely driven with an atmospheric overtone, soothing enough to sweep us up in the sheer sonic toned beauty of it, in as little as it takes a few bars of the intro to work its spellbinding magic.

Jennifer Paige’s vocals are in as fine form, as they’ve ever been. The way in which the whole track comes together and has the power mesmerize on a level which really suits Jennifer’s haunting, dusky tones leave a lasting impression far beyond the 5 minutes playing time of this first single.

As bold as it is a statement to make, I’m going to make it “Starflower” could just well be the sweetest surprise of a new favourite album you weren’t expecting, if the quality of the superb “Devil’s In The Details” is anything to go by.