As we get closer to the release of “This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume Two”, it just seemed natural to bring back our HOT FUSS podcast series. With the world of blog hits getting that much more competitive and with the shift to audio and video content ruling the digital roost these days, we have decided to make a commitment to create more of “a voice” for EQ Music via our Poptronik HOT FUSS podcasts.

So, going forward every week, EQ Music editor and Poptronik album producer Raj Rudolph and Jordan Meehan will talk about the highs, lows and in-betweens of music blogging, interview special guest artists and talk about all the HOT FUSS brewing on Twitter and in the world of pop. Let’s just say the Poptronik HOT FUSS is sassy, informative and might have a few swear words or two…

In our comeback episode promoting “This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume Two”, we have invited special guests Jennifer Paige and Coury Palermo aka Paige & Palermo to the HOT FUSS to talk about their Poptronik contribution of “Belong” as well as discussing how they collaborate as a duo from both sides of the industry, what’s the meaning behind their “Stop” and “Go” EPs and the heart-wrenching story of how destiny had a hand in bringing these two musical forces together.

We also spin new tracks from “This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume Two” including stellar contributions from Marc Lime & K Bastian ft. Little Neve White, Smith & Thell, Jessica Sutta and Kaden!

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