Listen to “Forget Me Not” by Jennifer Paige

It was heartening to learn not so long ago, that the wonderful Jennifer Paige is releasing her first album “Starflower” as an independent artist. Having a label is no longer a need for the renowned singer-songwriter (of three label-backed albums standing) and it must be quite liberating indeed to be able to see through your project to the end point of release, all under your own esteem. There is no question that the input and execution of putting together “Starflower” have required a ton of work for a newly earmarked DIY artist, but then Jennifer has had the backing of her fans to thank for their undying support and funding in helping her get this highly anticipated project off the ground.

Our first taste of “Starflower” came in the form of haunting pop ballad “The Devil’s In The Details” which acted as a stunning reintroduction to Jennifer Paige and reminded us of just how amazingly accomplished a lyricist she is. Not to mention how much we’ve missed hearing Jen’s always impeccable pop offerings down the years.

One thing is certain, we’d never forget Jennifer Paige being that her all-round artistry stands before her but nonetheless, the next single is called “Forget Me Not”, and believe us we really wouldn’t be doing that, ever!

As it is “Forget Me Not” is a massive synth-pop banger, steeped in an expanse of shimmery dynamics. Whilst, unequivocally offering up that Jennifer’s command at turning out great pop songs, remains steadfast to this day. When in fact the overall powering effect comes through as such like Jennifer’s never been away.