I cannot contain my excitement about today’s new music discovery. I was passed a note about the emerging singer-songwriter and pop artist Sam Short some months ago…

Interest had begun to grow in her since debuting with the track “Already Mine” at the beginning of the year. The empowering pop ballad she wrote about helping a friend go through a breakup. A song that ignited TikTok by racking up over 30 million video views in just a few months. It quickly became apparent that Oregon-born, Los Angeles-based Sam harnesses the kind of star power that catches on quick. Because of feeling that she possesses the qualities of a musical artist set to go the distance. I asked our friend Javi Lopez in Austin to check out Sam’s Unofficial SXSW showcase when he attended the festival in person in March. Since Javi came back with such a glowing report of her acoustic set. I promised myself I would be onto the follow-up release quick smart.

Sensing Sam’s sparkling pop sensibilities might take her down a similar route to that of her debut release “Already Mine.” With the sophomore track “Naked” appearing over the weekend. I feel this suggestion I make is not too wide of the mark for the independently releasing singer-songwriter. As with “Naked,” and another future track, “Taste It,” has seen both these trace a similar pattern of activity. First going viral on TikTok and then Instagram alike (with over 5M total views before their official releases).

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“I always wanted to create a track that could serve as an ode to self love and sensuality, but also detail what it means to be an empowered female in todays world. I think we did just that.” Sam Short shares when speaking about “Naked.”

In defining her sound. She sits alongside pop-contemporary artists like Julia Michaels and Hailee Steinfeld. Among her songwriter deals, at the moment, Sam has songs on hold with Katy Perry, FLETCHER, Shakira and NOTD. Which I of course find impressive.

With Sam Short, there is much to get excited about. I can foresee her blossoming into one of the most compelling solo pop acts to break through in a while. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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