I distinctly recall how I discovered the pop singer-songwriter Sam Short last year. Her name was sent to me as someone I might like to check out at SXSW. As it turned out, Sam was an unofficial act of the festival. Nevertheless, after listening to some clips she shared online at the time. I immediately became excited about Sam, rather enthusiastically so that I was compelled to ask Javi Lopez our friend in Austin to check out her acoustic set. Since I was only able to follow the coverage of SXSW online. The glowing report Javi came back with confirmed the suspicions I had. Sam Short is one to watch. Hence, for this reason, I subsequently, I have had my watchful eye on her.

I picked up on her after her debut release, “Already Mine,” went viral on TikTok. The subsequent releases of the follow-up tracks, “Naked” and “Taste It,” convinced me she is one of the most compelling new pop acts in music just now.

Following much teasing of a clip on TikTok, Sam has returned with a new song, “Masterpiece,” which recently premiered with Galore Magazine.

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In this release, I noticed Sam switched up her melodic style a little. Since particularly in regard to the expansive beats she uses in “Masterpiece,” these indicate she is building a more fleshed-out sonic sound than shared in “Taste It“. Where she shines the brightest is in her songwriting and vocals. In the slow-paced electro-pop of “Masterpiece,” she outdid herself by sharing her dreamiest vocals and turning on every emotion with her songwriting. The most compelling evidence of this is when she laments about a relationship that feels both beautiful and toxic. Furthermore she calls out her boyfriend at the time as the, “sick, sick freak.” “He’s a villain, he’s a saint,” she coos, “He’s a hero, he’s a fuckin’ renegade.”

Sam shares,

“100% written and produced by Sam and Liza Kaye, this song celebrates — the often underestimated — women in music

“We made this song after a male producer told us that “girls can’t produce good music.”

It is a well-trodden path that the pain of heartbreak makes for great pop songs. Sam herself has a stunning example of such in bittersweet, “Masterpiece.”

As if I was not in my feelings already, because of the beauty of the song. Likewise, the Ivy Tellin and Callum Walker Hutchinson-directed video takes the sense of poignancy and sadness to the next level. On the whole, I loathe sad songs. Although I cannot help but enjoy the powerful brilliance of “Masterpiece.”

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