We have been writing about Dagny, right from her very first pop laden single “Backbeat“. A succession of singles has followed in the same vein, building momentum to push that little bit harder and earn a breakthrough hit. Then Dagny released “Wearing Nothing” and everything now feels as though it is gliding nicely into place.

We had the pleasure recently of catching Dagny’s acoustic set at The Great Escape. There was a spark in the air throughout which felt as though it’s Dagny’s time to shine.

Attending this year’s British Summer Time Festival gave us the chance to take in another helping of Dagny’s delicious pop. This time we managed to grab an interview with the Norwegian lovely as well. In our chat, we talk about life on the festival circuit, the genuine buzz surrounding Dagny’s new music, shooting the video for “Wearing Nothing” and collaborating with Børns on “Fools Gold”.

Find Dagny on:
Facebook: https://facebook.com/dagnymusic
Twitter: @DagnyMusic