I guess it was only a matter of time before fellow Norwegian songstress Dagny was called in to provide vocals for Seeb, nonetheless on the track “Drink About” the Nordic team-up are confidently slaying.

You might know about the Norwegian production trio, because of their balmy styled remixes for high profile artists Tove Lo, Shawn Mendes and Mike Posner or possibly because they won Pop Group of the Year at the Norwegian Grammy’s in 2017. When all said and done the DJ-producer outfit are gaining ground, bringing melodic flair and their special danceable touches to the EDM world. Dance music, on the whole, does have a tendency to be lacking originality and generic. Whether producing remixes or their own, original songs Seeb’s beat making is a sound sensation combined with heady sonics and sun. When their songs hit the dance floor, they bring lush low-slung, slinky heat as opposed to sweat-inducing grooves which snap and bang. And when the producers put a call in for a guest vocalist to collaborate with, they are becoming renowned for choosing a match that suits the song.

Working with Dagny might be seen as a safe bet, her vibrant voice is always alluring, light and flawless. Seeb’s horizons are broadening with each new release and having Dagny come on board, is definitely, an asset on the latest track. She helps to bring dusky elegance to the dance floor. Like her smile lights up the stage when she performs, her voice on “Drink About” similarly does the same. Every aspect of this song has been, thoughtfully and beautifully brought together. Seeb gained recognition for their superb remixes and original releases which began with “Breathe” featuring Neev, and “What Do You Love“, featuring Jacob Banks, latest “Drink About” is set to follow suit.

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