If like me you thought last summer was well and truly over by the time September arrived, think again, Frankmusik has other thoughts about this as he gives us a video in response to the “SS17” EP released in June of last year for the eponymous track “June 17th” and previously featured tracks “Going Under” and “WYG“. I’m kind of, curious that we’re getting a video for “June 17th” now nonetheless, I am happy to see the song given a stylish video treatment and how it reflects the ruminative and deeply, personal nature of the lyrics.

When Vincent headlined our most recent EQ Music Live Presents night in September, he spoke about concentrating on playing only the new music and proceeded to fill the Zigfrid von Underbelly venue with woozy sonic soundwaves and the full range of his emotively, rich vocals. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you what songs he played for us as I was utterly lost, in the pure, dreamily, blissful spell the music created around me. “June 17th“, may have well been included in the set, as the mood of the song fits in with the soulful, melodic vibes, that were present throughout Frankmusik’s time on stage.

I really, think, “June 17th” signified the beginning of a new chapter for the musician/producer and what could make this assumption clearer than to watch Frankmusik hint at such in the song video, where we see him packing a small suitcase then heading out to the Mojave desert to set it aflame. When I was watching the deeds unfold, it struck me that the visual feels as though a Dali, painting has been brought to life. I would love to go for a nose around the stylish apartment featured, used as the main, setting of the film clip. High life, living, aspirations and all that. The minimalist, precision of the aesthetic, setting and the style of the song work in complement to one another. A work of music and visual art.

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