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Listen to “Hate That You Know Me” by Bleachers

Bleachers do appear to be opening a new can of music soup with their new album. That if we were to peer into a wormhole amassed of pop energy from 30 years ago into the future-present, David Byrne of Talking Heads would appear as a hologram in Jack Antonoff’s skin.

Listen to “Weekends” by Lines

“Weekends” by Swedish newcomers Lines is a total thrill explosion of canned heat being let out into the open. It’s mind altering grooves are fucked up in electric feel and technicolour trippin ecstasy, in a good way. Easy as that!

Listen to “Soo Bad” by Goss

Danish songwriter and producer Goss' innovatively crafted, futuristic emitting soundscapes come with a spiky hit of artistic heat which delights the audio senses in complete, coherently formed togetherness.