No one can accuse singer-songwriter Debbii Dawson of following trends. Since it is that she somewhat exists in her own musically creative realm. Her unforgettable performance of “Dancing Queen” by ABBA on America’s Got Talent in 2022 captivated both the judges and the audience with its sweet and unexpected rendition. While she didn’t advance to the semi-finals, her participation in BGT undoubtedly her music career took off because of appearing on the show. For those who have yet to discover Debbii’s music, prepare to expect the unexpected. As she delivers a refreshing and truly original sound – she’s definitely not your average singer-songwriter, for sure.

Last year, releasing her debut EP “Learning,” saw Debbii lean into storytelling narratives teamed with melancholy, folk-pop musicality. And while her first body of work is a fitting introduction to her distinctively charming vocal style. Alas, the mainstream pop element she came to prominence with, was nowhere to be seen. However, predictably since, Debbii signed with RCA Records and has her first single release, “Happy World” out with them. Unquestionably, all parties appear keen to re-establish the nostalgic pop influence that caught the attention of music audiences in the first instance. 

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Happy World” by Debbii is a brilliantly unique song that echoes the ABBA influence showcased in her America’s Got Talent audition. The incorporation of disco elements into her signature sound proves to be a smart move. Thus making the track an instant hit with her fans. The song lyrics are also noteworthy, mirroring the underlying sadness that is similarly present in many ABBA songs. Debbii’s ability to blend these elements seamlessly into her distinctive style is an excellent indicator of her musical prowess.

Happy World’ offers a glimpse into my inner psyche and paints a picture of the world I created for myself while living in isolation,” says Debbii, describing her inspiration behind the song. “The upbeat and bright lyrics and production veil and contrast the song’s darker desperation.”

It’s not uncommon for music artists to draw inspiration from legends like ABBA. However, Debbii Dawson has taken a decidedly different and cooler approach with her music. The latest release, “Happy World,” showcases her incredible talent as a pop artist and proves that she’s one of the most compelling voices to have emerged this year. With her unique sound and fresh perspective, Debbii is sure to make a lasting impact in the music industry.

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