In recent months, our readers may have noticed one or two different posts from the norm from me on the blog. Specifically, I am talking about the articles I wrote on some Country pop artists. And if you saw them, you probably wondered, what does Mandy really know about Country music? And why the sudden appreciation of it? But before I go any further, I can unequivocally state none of these instances occurred because of experiencing a premonition about Beyoncé shaking up the genre with “Cowboy Carter“. 

Well, you might be surprised to learn, my father being a big fan, that through him, I was exposed to quite a lot of Country music when growing up. Similarly, I occasionally enjoy a cleanse of my music pallet by listening to Maren Morris as I do Shania Twain. Moreover, I enjoy it best when the Country and pop genres collide. Also, bearing in mind, the stratospheric response to Country superstar Luke Combs‘s rendition of the Tracy Chapman song “Fast Car” last year. There is no doubt when both genres go side by side, fans of this crossover come out en mass to support.

Again, further to the above, when doing a major sweep of my inbox, I discovered a Dave Aude remix of the Brooke Eden track “Outlaw Love.” I took a listen because a) Dave Aude does great remixes. And b) Dave Aude works with artists worth knowing about. Although I didn’t consider Brooke might be a Country artist before I checked out the track. Since I listened and enjoyed it, I had to find out more about her. And when doing my homework, I instantly, understood why Brooke Eden is so important for LGBTQ representation in Country Music and the significance of her EP “Outlaw Love“.

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While Brooke is one of the latest darlings of Country Music, above that, her songs are unabashedly impassioned throughout. Specifically, the “Outlaw Love” EP comprises tracks dedicated to her wife and the story of their relationship. Brooke stands apart because her recent music videos depict same-sex relationships. Again, something, that just hasn’t been accepted as happening in the Country Music genre.

Genuinely, Brooke represents authenticity and inclusivity. Happily, the message is now as clear as drinking water in her songs and music videos. And the Country Music genre is accepting and shifting because of her advocacy.

Check out “Outlaw Love” (Dave Aude Remix) HERE

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