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Listen to “The Man” by The Killers

The Killers just put the pedal to the metal with new single “The Man”. In amongst the craziness of rock meets synths there is a core of catchy pop sensibilities to also be found.

Listen to “Dynabeat” by Jain

The Jain pop takeover is in full effect! Moving, grooving, swerlking whatever. No-one stands still when Jain’s tunes strike up a mere stoke of a chord.

Emerging Artists: Brando

Checkout Brando if want to know, what being flung into an 80’s synth-pop vortex where Depeche Mode and Pete Burns could have cooked up some freakishly good dirty disco might sound like.

Album Review “CollXtion II” by Allie X

The strength of Allie X’s artistry has avoided the tricky sophomore album situation and come through with a cracking collection of intelligent pop tracks on “CollXtion II”, which speak out louder in brilliance than that of the critically acclaimed debut.

Emerging Artists: Loote

Make space in your summer playlists for some Loote! We can already see their debut single being a major mainstream pop to dancefloor crossover hit because it’s pretty banging on both accounts.