I don’t think there could be a more appropriate time for pop babe Sazzie to unleash the music video for her unbridled, quirky dance romp “Do You Work Out?” The track which carries the prestige of being scratched on and mixed by Mix Master Mike (of the Beastie Boys) is a sassy, electrifying pop track. The collaboration has delivered a summer smash that is the perfect introduction to the songstress, showing you why she is the artist to look out for. (Read my review of the song HERE.)

And the video, well it’s hugely colourful, and I have to say seems as though it was way fun to make. I would go so far to say, it is quite possibly it’s the most amusing visual of Sarah McIntosh’s music career. The engaging clip follows Sazzie and a group of her girlfriends as they prepare and celebrate with a riotous hen (bachelorette) party in honour of the bride-to-be (Sazzie) impending nuptials. I probably need to say no more about the ensuing shenanigans which transpire, but as I’m sure you may have you already guessed all by yourselves these ladies fully enter into the spirit of the occasion.

As befits the tongue-firmly-in-cheek witty song, the video is one with flirty frolics high on the agenda. There are saucy references splashed everywhere in this poolside themed party. As you would expect there is penis shaped paraphernalia as far as the eye can see. Above all the high jinx and naturally, a visit from two strippers, under cover of disguise as police officers. What really caught my eye was the banner which reads “Same Penis Forever,” I mean nothing really makes you more aware of the commitment you’re about to make more than those words.

The song is all kinds of electrifying, the video makes out as an afternoon of fun-packed party styled mayhem. Sazzie is the biggest babe of them all, but we knew this all along didn’t we!

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