Props go to Sazzie for being an artist who consistently embraces reinvention. We’ve followed her journey in music, from the very beginning when she was known as The Good Natured and when she then later evolved, to become the Lovestarrs. From this day forward, Sarah McIntosh is recording under the new moniker of Sazzie, and of course, ever since we found out about the latest reinvention couldn’t be more pumped to hear where she is taking her music to, next. The exciting new chapter lifts off with a buzzy debut release. “Do You Work Out?” is a bit of a dance stomper which is high on impact and high on energy and is sure to have Sazzie’s name talked about in all the right places.

It’s especially, cool to find out, Sarah is steadily bringing even more clever, wit into the lyrics of her songs and trailblazing a slightly cheekier and quirkier image as she ventures out as a solo artist, again. “Do You Work Out?” see’s her choosing a sing-speak delivery of sweet but fierce vocals heightening her playfulness and tongue-in-cheek style. The techno emblazoned sound of the track is as bold as the song lyrics are kicking with attitude. Well-produced blasts of electro fierceness come from Mix Master Mike (Michael Schwartz, best known for his work with the Beastie Boys) pumping up this jam, so it bangs with nods of inspiration to Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction” and Felix The Housecat’s “Silver Screen”.

The exuberance, of the song, is full of straight-up boundless energy and sass, and properly pushes forward uncompromising, bombastic pop, with a potent snappy tagline “Do You Work Out?” that people can sing. Sarah has a knack to open up new ways of doing things. And in doing so, this epic slice of future pop, shiny and dynamic catapult’s Sazzie head first, on an adventure into the dance-pop arena where propulsive beats meet with unbridled, quirkiness. All in all its a hugely entertaining dance romp, sparky and bright that deserves to be a summer smash.

Come and celebrate the release of “Do You Work Out?” with Sazzie FREE show 28th June at London’s Camden Assembly

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