Thank you Sazzie for unleashing your wildly, ferocious pop track “Hot Stuff.” As we’ve reached Friday and the second week of being in lockdown here in the UK, I think we require a boost of sassiness to carry us through the weekend. (It is starting to get hard to remember what day of the week we are at, because of being curbed in our usual day-to-day socialising habits.) The days are blurring into one, and every new day now feels like it’s a groundhog day. So to have Sazzie back with a peppy new song, I feel like, pop babe Sarah McIntosh is guiding us back on course.

The 80s vibes are particularly strong on “Hot Stuff” (which is exactly, how I take my tea, strong and piping hot.) The similarities with my English afternoon cuppa end there. Although Sazzie, will have it known she is the whisky in our teacups, and she isn’t wrong in what she declares. I love it the best when she assaults my senses with her synthy, indie-pop vibes. I am stoked that they’ve once again been reawakened for this track. Snakey, new-wave, punkish grooves, shaped out of the same mould which spawned the likeminded music of Shampoo, Transvision Vamp and Republica, as stellar examples. For a thirsty, sexed-up song which lyrically lays all of its cards on the table, leaving little to the imagination. Sazzie has convinced me it is indeed the weekend.

The music video is totally wowing us at EQ HQ because if you haven’t already clocked it. The guitarist is Zach Villa who plays the demonic, serial-killer Richard Ramirez in the American Horror Story: 1984 episodes. Keeping it with the 80s pop culture references. The fan-crazed Billy Idol obsessive murders Limahl and his band Kajagoogoo, who have arrived at Camp Redwood for a music festival. (Oh dear, turned out, not so much of a “Neverending Story” for Limahl.) What is Zach doing here you may ask, well he actually has his own band, called Sorry Kyle, his bandmate Eric, also appears here playing the drums.

I wouldn’t normally say this, but I hope once, she’s done with making-out Sazzie makes a run for it, from this dude with his AHS history and all. I might now change to taking my afternoon cuppa with a slug of whisky, as I consider the consequences of doing so, as displayed in this music video clip, look great fun.

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