Looking into the music history books, you’ll notice some of the greatest names in pop have found inspiration, in penning a track about a place or location they hold dear. As early as Sinatra raving about “New York, New York,” The Beatles, paying homage to “Penny Lane.” Or as recent as Camila Cabello putting “Havana” under the spotlight, girl band, The Aces sharing their experiences of taking a trip to “Los(t) Angeles.” Whether it be their home town or favourite holiday destination, being celebrated. Pop artists have a knack for turning out some very memorable tracks featuring places, which have since been etched on the pop landscape for decades. Adding her name to the prestigious pop lineage is indie-pops Sazzie, singing the praises of “London Town.”

Both Fergie with “London Bridge” and Lily Allen with “LDN” had much to say about the landmarks of England’s capital city. On the other side of the coin, Sazzie is more in tune with the culture, and vibe of the City. From taking a look at the video, she’s just put out for the jaunty, upbeat track. She would make a first-class tour guide. She sure knows the iconic tourist hot spots off the back of her hand unlike Fergie, who couldn’t even get the name of the Tower Bridge correct.

The footage shot by Zachary Denman captures the famous tourist sightseeing spots which form the beating heart of London. Featuring the iconic plaza at Trafalgar Square, China Town in Soho, a stroll through Leicester Square, and a quick stop off at the south bank for a glance of the London Eye. The vast array of culture, entertainment and attractions on offer means there is so much to pack in, really too much for a pop music video, anyways. I’m thinking this music video was more of a breeze, to make than usual, given that the City is more deserted at present in the semi-lockdown environment we find ourselves in. Nevertheless, Sazzie’s enthusiasm for the Capital lights up the screen in the way she skips along the pavements instead of walking. I can’t blame her for enjoying the freedom, taking advantage of the quietness and finding a new appreciation of her surroundings. When just six months ago the London streets looked far different, crowded and bustling.

How long before some bright marketing exec stumbles upon this enchanting, clip and commandeers Sazzie’s tuneful ode to London to help reboot the cities tourism sector. Should very much happen, I say.

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