I was just thinking to myself I wonder what has been happening with one of EQ’s favourite artists, Sazzie lately. When up pop’s a notification about a new indie-pop offering from the lovely Sarah McIntosh herself. To say I was pleased about this was an understatement. As I pretty much know that I am going to love the release before I as much, slam my finger on the play button. Some artists music you just click with and Sazzie does have the edge over most others in this respect. I was actually keeping a check on her because I heard she’s putting out a super-duper 80s-tastic music video soon. Instead, she’s snuck out the track “Without You” first. I am overjoyed that she did this, as it is seeming like it is a slow week for music releases. The arrival of “Without You” has put some pep into my lockdown life this week.

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Unleashing her latest indie-pop bop Sazzie had this to say,

“I think loneliness has hit everyone at different times this past year. Here’s a song I wrote called “Without You” which is about missing the person/people you love the most.”

This is not a sad song (I never expected that it would be). It is more of, a reminder to, dust yourself down, and have a mindful talk with yourself. Or at least try and occupy your mind on other things for a bit. For starters, maybe think about how great the synths sound on this track. Sing-a-long with the lyric video and assign yourself as a backing vocalist by making something big and glorious of the accentuated “you” bit in the chorus (as I have been doing). I am not saying it isn’t important, to recognise and deal with feelings of loneliness if it makes you feel sad. Remember also, enjoyment can be found in being alone, on your own sometimes.

The gift of melodic hooks runs in Sazzie’s blood. She’s come back with a bada-boom synthy smash- “Without You” is your essential listening this week.

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