Here she is with a stunning new track. It’s pop newcomer GRACEY, who you might remember, I raved about endlessly last year. She gave us one of our first lockdown anthems with the evocative banger “Alone In My Room” (Gone). Her debut mini-album, “The Art Of Closure“, was a solid body of work. Introducing us proper to her lyrical, open-hearted style of vibey melodic pop. Unfortunately, Gracey has been rather unlucky in love again. So she’s back pouring all of her feelings into a new EP, “Fragile” (due October 15th via Interscope). Her sophomore chapter begins with the bittersweet, heart fluttery pop of “What A Waste“. A song packed with raw emotions, detailing the incredibly potent and personal but also universal experience of love and heartbreak.

The thing with Gracey is, we know she isn’t the kind of artist stuck in one gear. Her melodically upbeat collaborations with 220 Kid and Billen Ted told us this. When she is on her own, she opens up more for sharing her vulnerable side with us. A splendid example, being “What A Waste“, where she’s working through the avalanche of emotions felt post-breakup.

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The heartfelt lyrics really do say it all. Bravely laying, melancholy feelings on the line, Gracey shares… “I was giving more while you were giving up. What a waste. Two years of my twenties gone down the drain. Now I gotta go and fall in love again, in love again, yeah”. Although she knows these feelings will eventually lessen. She is clearly frustrated and feeling bitter in the moment she wrote this track. The singer’s emotions seem particularly heightened in the Peter Abbott directed video also. Which hint, we see her as she’s returned from picking up her jacket, the last belonging she kept at her ex’s house. She is doing her hardest not to crash and burn. Instead, channelling her anger and frustration by dancing alone in her bedroom.

Gracey is, all about the feelings, and pop. She gives us an equal measure of them on “What A Waste“. Undoubtedly she is racking up another hit to add to her other perfectly formed pop releases.

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