You know how I love to discover new emerging artists. Well, I am a bit miffed that nobody has introduced me to Gracey, yet. No matter, I just found out about her for myself and as a consequence, have spent the best part of fifteen minutes in the delightful company of her 2019 debut release the “Imposter Syndrome” EP. A release I found to be graced with a spellbinding touch and an astounding amount of vocal eloquence. Her smokily scented style and sound are so relevant in the current pop climate, as well. After only, the one listen, I was determined to find out as much as I could about her, and just had to have a good trawl around the internet to amass some information so I could zoom up this post and share my newfound appreciation of Gracey with you.

From the impression, the “Imposter Syndrome” left with me, I had the biggest inkling that I’d find out that as an up-and-coming pop talent she would already have some form elsewhere. Turns out the twenty-one-year-old has a background in songwriting and has worked on tracks for Jonas Blue, Sub Focus, MJ Cole and Olly Murs.

A long term collaborator both of Alan Sampson (Rita Ora, ZAYN) and SIBA (Zara Larrson, L Devine, Lewis Blissett) Gracey (Grace Barker) has nicely slotted herself beside the coolest of cool up-and-comers. She is a singer who has certainly got the right people on board, helping her do heartbreak-pop so well. Latest release “Gone” is another collaboration with Siba. Comes in as her dreamiest offering to date. A tear-stained track, covering loss and loneliness. Capturing the mood of finding it impossible to move on after a once loving relationship hits the rocks. Gracey analyses her short-comings and finds comfort in her despair. For anyone who finds themselves in the same place, and are similarly being eaten up by feelings like these. So much so that the tears won’t come. I would suggest, find somewhere quiet, and cosy, snuggle up to a listen of “Gone.” The beautiful track will soon have built-up feelings, come streaming out down your pretty little faces.

Going from warm, dreamy and lushly nostalgic in seconds. Gracey’s heart-fluttery pop songs are etched in feelings. Heartbreak pop, steered by real emotion but from a voice that resonates with special magic.

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