If anyone were to ask me what my favourite EP is currently, I wouldn’t begin to hesitate for a second thinking about it. It is the debut EP from pop artist-on-the-rise GRACEY, “The Art Of Closure” which arrived in all of its pop glory last Friday. Although much of the EP had already been teased out as singles during the year. (As a way of working to this mini-album release and building some presence on the new music scene.) The pop star in waiting, however, allowed us to discover two tracks we hadn’t heard before. “Care Less” together with opening track “99%.

Of course, tastemaker season is now in full-flow and Ones to Watch lists for 2021 are being compiled as we speak, also. It would be amiss if GRACEY didn’t have another dazzling track to push out with helping to secure her place as a shoo-in on as many polls and lists possible. “99%” is that track. A melodically upbeat track, fizzing with a bubbling bassline, and hot, dance floor energy. The Starsmith and AL Shux produced track once again showcases GRACEY’s stellar, songwriting power.

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99%’” is extra special as it was actually one of the first songs I wrote for myself. I instantly knew it had to stay with me, and it has acted as a pillar to build my sound around ever since. It marks the end of one chapter and a little nod to the next!.” GRACEY said in a press statement.

Like many pop fans, music has played a big part in getting me through this extraordinary, year. With the emergence of her heart-fluttery pop offerings throughout 2020, GRACEY is the newcomer who I have been most excited about above everyone else. When we can start going to gigs again, GRACEY’s name is on top of my list to check out (always has been since “Gone“.) I can’t think of any new budding pop sensation more ready than GRACEY to fill in the void when Dua Lipa goes off to write hit album number three.

UPDATE: Added the live performance of “99%” for VEVO DSCVR which has just been unleashed. So cool…

GRACEY’sThe Art Of Closure” EP is available on all streaming platforms look out for it

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/GRACEY-143815006548092
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GRACEYmusic_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gracey/

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