It was in 2017 that I wrote about the track “Kids” by Norway’s Fanny Andersen. I recall noticing at the time, the emerging starlet’s pop affirming vocals, and how musically she seemed to be, cut from the same cloth as Annie. She was a music artist I was quite excited about. In 2020, Fanny is still a new emerging artist I am quite excited about. Returning from a two-year break, where she has been dealing with some personal issues, she’s back with a punchy and unashamedly honest new single “Wake Up.” A live-wire track about getting your shit together. Wholly reflective of what Fanny had been going through during the last couple of years.

I make no excuses for allowing, my use of a profanity to slip out earlier. As much as Fanny doesn’t give two hoots about opening up this song by letting off steam either. She greets our listening ears with a wearily worded f**k before further explaining just why she is hesitant to wake up. I know I sure can relate to the singer’s opening retort, as it’s pretty much me as I peep open one eye, each new morning since being in lockdown.

Life kinda went off balance, she was headed for a mental break down. “Wake Up” is the track Fanny has written about this ugly black period, she went through. Now she has come through these dark times putting more colour back into her life, she has lit a fire of hope and empowerment with this sassy track. Which is echoed in the dizzying cathartic music video as well. I looked at this film clip, and I just thought, this is exactly, what scrolling through Twitter if it were truly brought to life, would look like. Like the randomness of Twitter. How one tweet which goes before or after one another tweet on our timelines doesn’t make sense.

By first tackling her, own demons Fanny Andersen is on a mission to liberate your mind, body and soul, as well. She has shaped “Wake Up” with nothing but straight-from-the shoulder-honesty. The least I can do is give her my most frank and to the point summation of the song. It’s unbridled, pop with a punch.

Connect with Fanny Andersen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fannyandersenmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fanny_andersen
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fanny_andersen/

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