After being away from the music spotlight for two years, Norway’s Fanny Andersen sure knew how to grab our attention again. By releasing the ballsy come-back track “Wake Up” all of three months ago. The single noticeably struck out in a completely different vein to what she had previously, released. It’s like this time around she made a mental note to not paper-over emotions by being unforgivingly daring and raw in her songwriting. Following up with “Complicated” I am, further convinced this change of songwriting strategy wasn’t a one-off anomaly and is how Fanny Andersen sees the way forward.

On these new tracks, she has boldly begun to share more of her personal experiences with us. Opening up about mental health (“Wake Up“) and the demise of a romantic relationship (“Complicated.”) In the music, she is not the type for brooding, she is always on a bright footing. Assisted by a generous helping of pop melody as a steer towards keeping positive when life decides to drop another curveball.

On “Complicated” Fanny shares,
“I was inspired to write about the complexities of love and life. This song is about falling for someone who’s really not right for you, and how this can make life feel very complex along with everything else that life throws your way.”

Listening to both of the latest tracks I have noticed, Fanny is not only being more open with her lyricism but is also accentuating these emotions. Adding in vocal bursts, such as frustrated sighs and groans of exasperation. These strokes of humanization help us identify with the heightened extent of emotional, turmoil she is experiencing. It is a stroke of genius, in making us feel connected and alert to these feelings. Also, it occurred to me by singing along with these new offerings comes with the added benefit of having the opportunity to similarly vent our own frustrations. I think Fanny is inturn giving us a bit of a therapy session. Using similar principals to that promoted by Chinese laughter yoga.

Complicated” is an absolute anthem for helping to keep our mental wellbeing in check. While being a certified bop as well.

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