Fanny Andersen is another of Norway’s emerging songstresses who has to ability to fill out a cascade of fizzing melody with peppy as you like pop affirming vocals.

Unlike her contemporaries in, Aurora, Astrid S, DAGNY and Anna Of The North, Olso’s Fanny Andersen strikes the biggest similarity to that of Norway’s all round Pop Queen of yore. The bubblegumlicious one they called Annie. From her high-top ponytail right down to the bubbling pop vibes of her song “Kids”. Young Fanny is every inch the baby sister in Annie (to give her full name) Lilia Berge Strand’s pop likeness.

Chances are by the looks of her Fanny has only recently slipped out of her teenage years yet, she’s holding onto every drop of her youth by singing about how she’s wishes she was a kid again, oblivious to the harsh realities of the modern world about her. Besides, what are the chances of wide-eyed innocence being lost much earlier in the digital age, than the generation in which today’s 30 somethings and 40 somethings grew up in? Pretty much probable as soon as you’ve mastered how to use a tablet and learnt how to conquer the web.

Anyways, Fanny is feeling quite nostalgic and has recorded this deliciously dance boppy anthem about it. It will, so fill your mundane little work week with a nice respite of weekend style partying on a weekday night.