Watch “Kids” by Fanny Andersen

In the midst of the Christmas festivities last year, a sprightly nugget of the electronic pop persuasion seeped out by way of emerging Norwegian pop starlet Fanny Andersen.

Just to recap a little (because in all probability, the season of merriment was more than likely seen through a haze of eggnog quaffing and partying by the majority of us) “Kids” showed itself to be a stunning anthem of statement making pop. Whereby Fanny took up the mantle to introduce us to her crisp Scandinavian vocals anointing the kind of track which seemed earmarked to launch her on the road to being one of the highly sought new artists on the Norwegian music scene.

I’m still convinced this song of Fanny’s has legs and being that it just been officially released as her latest single, we now get a video to gaze at too.

We should really do more than just to gaze it at though, by taking on board it’s weighty storyline which depicts Fanny looking back on her childhood through growing up and coming to terms with her sexuality. This is a video montage of flashbacks that go right back to Fanny’s very beginnings. As you’ll note the watery scenes as being quite symbolically embryonic. A true-to-life portrayal of Fanny coming of age. This clip really heightens upon the emotional depth of the songs lyrics. We no longer see “Kids” as just a delicious dance boppy anthem. It really has grown into a masterful piece of life-affirming pop moreover. Albeit with massive pop banger tendencies at that.

Fanny Andersen – Kids from Mikkel Gulliksen on Vimeo.