Norway-born Fanny Andersen (now signed with Distiller Records) has taken on an eye-catching new marketing strategy. You may have noticed billboards cropping up in London, emblazoned with the logo I <3 FANNY. Have you seen these ads? Perhaps you wondered what the saucy adverts were promoting. To dispel rumours, these are not forming part of Channel 4 TV’s promotion of the TV show “Naked Attraction,” nor observing queer visibility. The posters are, in fact, part of the promotional campaign for the latest Fanny Andersen track, “Jump The Gun“.

I have waited two years for new music from Fanny Andersen to arrive. I am happy to report the appearance of “Jump the Gun” more than compensates for the wait. The track, co-written by Fanny, Navvy with Alex Wildwood also producing, is a sexy electro-pop song. Before in her previous releases, I have noticed she has been quite playfully minded. In “Jump The Gun,” she exhibits a different, mature kind of playfulness. It’s a different kind of song from her in that she shares more of her vulnerabilities in it. 

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“It’s the constant battle of how much of yourself you should share in the initial stage of a relationship. You don’t want to scare them off – but, at the same time, you want to tell them everything so you can be as close as possible. Almost a Juxtaposition.” Fanny explains.

What is so lovely about this track. It is a proper, unadulterated slice of electro-pop. And not a walloping load of EDM. And the chorus still goes off in a big way as well. HOT!. I’ve had my ear over this tune for the past few days but the music/lyric video just came out. I just happen to think Fanny looks as fire as her hair in it. “We wanted the video to be beautiful and simple, but also chaotic to match the feeling of the song!” she revealed on Instagram.

I have written about Fanny Andersen more than a few times, but each and every one of those now feels as though it was a false start. It seems to me with “Jump The Gun” she has finally found her place in pop. In recent days I have listened to the track a lot and I will definitely be listening to it a whole load more, for sure.

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