It would be quite fitting to say that AlunaGeorge’s sophomore album “I Remember” is one that has received a mixed response. It maybe a little of the case that George and Aluna have fallen into the situation that is known as tricky follow-up album syndrome. Although, in their quest for keeping it fresh and melding in a good chunk of creative flair, which keeps their R’n’B, garage infused electronic style revitalised and breathing new life. Perhaps it’s fair to say the particular style of genre hybrid choices have not been for everybody.

The fact remains that AlunaGeorge are not afraid to place themselves in a spot where they take a few risks and for that alone they must be commended.

Jumping on trends has never been AlunaGeorge’s thing either, they’ve been the innovators of them. They really are above all that, which goes with them shying away from playing to type. Similarly, when it falls to latest single cut “Not Above Love”, the shift in sound edges away into an old skool, neo-soul direction, which Aluna’s honeyed dripped vocals preside over with a sense of regality and composed dignity.

The best of this track comes from within its inner beauty. The theme of the narrative being empowerment. This is one about the ladies who cut through the crap, march to the beat of their own drum and achieve goals without bowing down to constraints. With the timing of this track, I think we can safely surmise where this message is being aimed at.

To all the ladies who’ve packed their lives up in a bag and run to a place where they can better themselves and achieve great things, AlunaGeorge hear you, and so do we!