AlunaGeorge finally dropped the news that we’ve been holding out for. Their new album “I Remember” will be out in September. Making an appearance on my birth date even! Believe me “I Remember’s” arrival will be far more cause for celebration than the inferno of candles on my birthday cake!

As with all major announcements such as this. The news comes with a gift in music of the next count-down single “Mean What I Mean”, which is so swaggerish and has one of the inanest wavy grooves going on, that is so mind-alteringly upbeat refreshing. I can’t deal.

We all know by now what Aluna and George bring to the table, it’s always primed to stuttering rhythmic slickness, which always has the edge on fresh and current.

Totally the bursts of wordy rapping from Dreezy and MC Leikeli 47 are a contemporary addition served right and really help to bring out the combustible hip-hop flavour of the track, which make it slay so hard.

Mean What I Mean” really does move some music muscle, which I’m jamming so tough to this right now and probably will be for quite some time to come, to be perfectly frank, or Mandy about it!

Get on to it NOW, it’s instantly available when pre-ordering the album.