We’ve suspectingly awaited this ZHU team-up with AlunaGeorge to happen in the wake of their sophomore album “I Remember” imminent release, all the more since their all-parties collaboration on ZHU’s “Automatic” of last year.

The singles have been coming thick and fast at us, which can only mean one thing! The heat is really on to get the album out to us. For the time being Aluna and George have been making themselves known through-out Merica. They jetted out for SXSW, further appearing at Coachella and have stopped over for the duration to see out a tour through this summer.

It’s all go! go! go! that side of the Atlantic for now and all we can do elsewhere is sit by our beds and wait out for the tracks and visualette’s to drop. What happened to the plain old word video eh? That it became a visualette? If that’s how the artistes want it known, that is what it is, but to me it’s a pop music video.

A lone Aluna carries forth as the focus of all aspects of the album’s promotion. By and large Aluna’s unmistakably honeyed vocals lead their merry dance atop George’s woozily composed beats this time though ZHU’s snuck in there too and fortified the mix with some of the enigmatic producers very own special beat magic.

This one’s a rather more contained offering than what we’ve heard of late from AG HQ, but it’s still cool and fed with the familiar trappings that we’ve come to expect and are favourable of.

As for that visualette. Curiousier and curiousier, Aluna’s taking no beef and having it out in words to her own reflection in a mirror. It’s a broken mirror at that – ooo doesn’t she know of the 7 years bad luck that goes with it !

Unsurprisingly the tone throughout “My Blood” is dark and mysterious.