How very super cool, Ariana and the Rose are back so soon, in keeping with their promise of several new tracks to come over the next few months. The delightful, glittery, synth-pop of “Lonely Star” released only several weeks ago is still fresh in my mind as a new favourite. But it’s time to move onwards and get lost in the soothing sonics of follow-up “Night Owl.” As adored as Ariana and the Roses’ first release of 2018 was, I am sure we are about to be similarly enchanted by the spell this new one will cast.

What do I know about the new single from my very first listen? The singer-songwriter, musician, has got the recipe for cooking up cosmic synth-pop bangers down to an art. “Night Owl” builds from a minimal beginning, where Ariana’s breathy voice urges us to stand on our two feet and enjoy life to it’s fullest. Reminding us along the way, life is paved with challenges, some physical, others psychologically troublesome. For these times in our lives, there is music, a particular song like “Night Owl” for instance to steer us through these rough patches.

It isn’t hard to determine where Ariana and the Rose had in mind for this song to take us. Unlike the last time with “Lonely Star,” we are not being guided to a planetary otherworld. But to somewhere much easier to find. The nearest nightclub or dancefloor. A chilled and sparkling banger such as “Night Owl” has only one aim in its sights. Lifting us up, taking us out of a shady mood to have us dancing along with its funky bassline. This is Ariana and the Rose expanding their sonic palette vividly and effortlessly, exploring other aspects of their sound, to mesmerising effect.

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