Dancing Next To me” when released three months ago signified quite an explosive start to Greyson Chance’s new era. The song came in as one of the singer’s most dancefloor-ready efforts and acted as an excellent fanfare going into the new and yet, unnamed sophomore album. With all good intention, Greyson should have embarked on a European tour through April. For obvious reasons, the shows didn’t happen, they have been pushed back to October 2020, instead. Clearly, the singer has plenty of new music to share though, and it is just as an exciting prospect that we will be hearing some of this in the coming months. As the UK at least (where I am) has been enjoying some glorious, sunshine weather, it seems especially fitting that Greyson releases “Honeysuckle,” a song written about the warmest season of the year.

“”Honeysuckle” is my love letter to the summer. It’s my dedication to the sun, to the heat, and to the recklessness, I adore during those months. In a time that has felt so cold & so dark, I hope it shines a light on you in the same way it has for me.” Greyson Chance shares over Instagram

If you were holding out for another dance-pop effort, “Honeysuckle” isn’t it. Consider the track more of a return to form of the aesthetic Greyson shared with us during the “portraits” era. Which was painted with lyrically led narratives, smooth, contemporary pop vibes, and teamed with yearning, emotiveness. Summer breathes warmth, just like the glowing feeling of oxytocin we experience when our hormones go crazy, telling us that we are falling in love. A comparison, the lyrics of “Honeysuckle” draws upon.

The video is one which goes back to nature. Showing the world the beauty of what Greyson’s stomping ground of Oklahoma has to offer. A huge sense of freedom, green spaces and lakes, yes I am longing to visit them too, but I am doing what is right and staying home right now. This visual does offer some compensation though, cos of open roads, trees, cooling off in lakes, Greyson Chance and cute boys.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/GreysonChance/

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