It would be very wrong of me not to write about the final chapter in Greyson Chance “portraits” story, given that I’ve covered all of the album’s single releases for the blog. The campaign has spawned a trilogy of music video clips in support of the album. He began with the track “shut up“, where we saw several young couples overcoming emotional obstacles, and embark on their respective relationships. Whereas “yours” took a look at Greyson, confident in the knowledge that he had found love destined to go the distance. In conclusion, gentle ballad “white roses,” takes a step aside, detailing inner turmoil brewing. Confronting feelings and emotions. The journey of self-discovery into what makes up our authentic selves.

Melodically the song is a somewhat brooding affair, pulled along by gently tugging rhythmic pulses, handclaps and the shimmering shake of a tambourine. Yet, the lyrics couldn’t be more tenderly put throughout and especially when reaching the touching refrain of the song. “Darling, be careful with me, ’cause there’s part of me that you don’t know. Darling, be gentle with me when you tell me that you need to go.” A statement both poignantly meant and poignantly felt.

Each of the three episodes which make up the portraits mini-movie have been directed by Bobby Hanaford. The “white roses” finale sees Greyson also involved with the direction. It is a visual which brings the sentiment and lyrics of the song to life, in a relatable way. The term mini-movie does feel right and applicable when speaking about the four-minute, thirty clip. As the short best identifies with the same kind of motion picture aesthetic which adorns the big screen in a movie theatre. I have kept this review spoiler-free thus far, but I’ll just say this about the ending. It is sure to stir up a ton load of feelings.

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