Dreamy Norwegian songstress Anna of the North has become renowned for her shimmering pop releases. When first writing about her in 2014, I described her as sweetly spellbinding and perfectly enchanting. A signature trend that has never since so much, wavered. (Why attempt to mend what isn’t broke?) Anna has written her third album while in lockdown. The planned release is for the fall/autumn of this year. The countdown to the album drop begins with the melancholic but happy record “Here’s To Another.” A track that urges us to connect with the overwhelming feeling of the moment.

“‘Here’s To Another” is one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever written. It’s very honest, and the story of my life. It wasn’t intentional, but I think a lot of people can connect with the lyrics at the moment as we just put quite a strange and challenging year behind us.” Anna says of the track.

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The blissfully alluring track is accompanied by the most adorable, delightful music video. The clip directed by Alexander Zarate Frez traces Anna’s movements after a night out at a friends house. She leaves the gathering a little upset. Everyone around her seems to be having fun, but for Anna. Who is having the worst pangs of anxiety and jealousy. Neither looks good on her. Until an unlikely friend steps forward and helps to sort out the funk mood, she is in. All is not what you might expect. Curious?… find out more. Take a wonderful four minutes to watch the clip and the story behind it.

Anna of the North continues to stay on brand, but my oh my, she has delivered exquisite, fantastical, synth-pop mastery here. On “Here’s To Another” she achieves a song of new heights, new depths, and everything in between.

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