There is no denying that Anna Lotterud from Norwegian/Australian orientated duo Anna of the North possesses some of the most delicately dreamy vocals around.

For the three years since the bands icy synth-pop gem “Oslo” piqued a speck of attention with me, I’ve been holding out to feel equally if not more spellbound by the newcomers shimmery popsicles of Nordic breezy melodies garnished with Kiwi sunny served production. Now that I’ve found it in “Someone”, the duo’s current release. I guess what I’ve been hankering for is something that would go beyond the ambiently lush soundscapes which Anna of the North are best known for delivering with relish and strike out with a waft of synthesized colour that would capture me inside all the more.

On “Someone” I hear more 80’s vibes, in fact I hear the glistening strains of Kim Carnes “Bette Davis Eyes” peeking through. This is no way a bad thing, Anna’s sweetly piqued vocals are elevated to blissfully transcending here, all because there’s a splash more glitter and sparkle in the production mix.