Anna Of The North

In the space of a few short months since she first began outwardly sharing her music on public platforms, newly emerging Norwegian pop artist Anna Of The North has captured growing attention for her on-point delicate icy pop debut “Sway”. A track which deals Anna’s ethereally glowing vocal warmth set-off with shivering synths in alluringly equal measure. An astonishingly sure-fire confident debut infact, when learning Anna had no intention to pursue music up until the 3 months prior to the tracks release.

In finding herself inadvertently now engaged in a new music career, Anna and her New Zealander producer, Brady Daniell-Smith (front-man and songwriter of New Zealand by way of Norway indie folk band Little Dreamer) are working towards releasing new material together.

Seeing as the growth in new music coming out of New Zealand and grabbing global attention has been at it’s highest level over the last couple of years at least and it is a rare thing that the Scandinavian hit factory deals a dud. This working collaboration between Anna and Brady show’s a plentiful scope of potential.

Whilst Anna and Brady are working up new material in the studio, they have put together a sweetly spellbinding synth-pop offering called “Oslo”, which is just the right amount of evocatively implying the essence of the festive season without being overtly Christmas themed. If truth be told and on a personal note, just how I prefer Christmas being recognised in song form.

Glacial. Dreamily sweet and perfectly enchanting. “Oslo” is definitely one for fans of Say Lou Lou to be looking up.

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