Denmark’s Kill J has one of the most ethereally enthralling voices around. It is sweetly haunting and quivering with vulnerability yet, but also distinctively imposing and empowering. Last year’s “Quasi” EP introduced us to the Danes uncompromising pop and alluring experimental style. A tableau of addictive tracks which rippled with graceful coolness and artistic integrity, ordinarily reserved for seasoned artists with years of accomplishments under their belt.

Kill J returns with “Gravity“, a magnificent icy electronically spun track laced delicately wispy, otherworldly tones. A match made in ethereal bliss and not of this world, showcasing Kill J’s unique sound and musicality in a more pop-suited format.

The accompanying visual is as striking as the song itself. Radiant in light effects and scientific imagery, mapped out by star formations and the black vastness of the universe. At the centre of the action is Kill J, floating around in space. Dancing her way across a lunar landscape, kicking up clouds of colored moon dust as she gracefully glides through the cosmos.

Kill J offers her biggest triumph here and is proficiently educated in making minimalist soundscapes sound huge.

Find Kill J on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/killjkill
Twitter: @Killjkill
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/killjkill