KillJWhen you think of the more infamous musicians who have left their mark on history, they have taken a bit from every single genre forgetting about the ‘norms’. Society then defined them unique for their artistry. For the “Quasi” pop artist Kill J, only she will have the last word in what defines her with her new single ‘Coda.’

Through ethereal meets synth pop sounds, for the single ‘Coda’, Kill J takes the listener on a journey of full blown empowerment. For those who are not musically educated, the term coda is an ending passage of a piece of music. Kill J says of ‘Coda’;

“You always know what you should have said after it’s over and too late – [this] is my way of getting the last word.” Through the chorus she sings “give it up, I won’t break down, give it up, I will not fall” her powerful emotions resonate through the lyrics and quivering vocals; as when you have the last word, you always need to take it and stand strong in the end.

‘Coda’ is one of those tracks that is quite a roller coaster ride in regards to tempo. The song enters in with a staccato piano then gently transitions in with a smooth percussion. When the chorus hits, you’re at full dance floor pace. Then, you’re dropped back down again.

There is something about ‘Coda’ that carries what some may call “mass appeal”. Maybe for the fact that there is a heart behind it? How about the full blown pop power?

No, Kill J is unique, she is a powerhouse, and there is no one like her out there today.