The trouble these days with everybody owning a smartphone. Makes it all rather convenient to record some self-made video footage in lieu of a professional music video. If you have a creative mind and on a tight budget, you might come up with some cool ideas and all may turn out well. If it’s some footage merely capturing yourself and some friends larking around on a beach. To tell the truth, there isn’t going to be much interest shown in it, unless you happen to be Robyn’s latest music video. I know, that when I watch a pop music video, I want to be excited by the creativity which has gone into making it, as well as the connection to the song. Danish experimental pop star Kill J is a music artist who takes this ethic on board throughout all of her work. None more so than on her most current release “Addicted.”

The latest offering from her forthcoming new album “Superposition” aligns with her uber-cool but fierce aesthetic. The melody of “Addicted” is syncopated and accented with the extensive use of punched out beats. It acts more like a skeletal framework which carefully pins her icily whispered vocals in the right place. Somehow by taking a minimal approach, stripping back to almost the slightest use of percussion. The pop muse impressively creates an intoxicating scene of intensity and drama.

Talking about the song, Kill J explains;

“It’s about being addicted to the cheap thrills in life: instant gratification, sex, drugs and alcohol, indulgence, immorality and gluttony.” Revealing her past bad habits, the artist gets candid about struggling with her own addictive personality; “I´m a lot healthier now, but I´m still struggling a bit. I read somewhere that to really kick a bad habit, you need to replace it with another habit. I thought: maybe I should become addicted to men instead of cigarettes, alcohol and sugar? I´m still working on it.”

The accompanying video directed by Ben Thornley is likewise bold. Creates eye-catching imagery. Also feels quite otherworldly. An exciting, enticing record. Complemented by a music video which adopts the use of creativity and imagination, as its strengths. Bravo everyone involved.

Connect with Kill J:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/killjkill
Twitter: @Killjkill
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/killjkill