We can always rely upon Denmark’s Kill J to bring us something out of the ordinary. More often than not the Dane leads us to an otherworldly domain surrounded by her haunting musicality and ethereally reaching voice, as noted by the “Quasi” EP and “Gravity” the single which was released last year. For “Dead Weight Soldier” her latest offering, the singer takes things a little further off-piste, stretching her artistic boundaries with the help of Jon Ørom and Liam Howe who assisted with the songwriting and production of the track.

Before I move on to talk about the video, I think it would be best if we hear what Kill J has to say of how the song came about.

Although I think by far I am somewhat gripped by the comment the singer left on her facebook profile on November 2nd concerning the track, she wrote “I Killed my A&R. I wrote a song about it.” Very well, I guess we must conclude she’s now taking full control of her music career! When listening to the lyrics of the track, this certainly seems to be the case, exactly. Kill J doesn’t mince her words either, they are powerful. “They´re all A&Rs. Everyone’s a critic. But you´re much more yeah you´re parasitic.” further adding “Boy you do a good job – taking credit. But I’m done being that girl who carries a dead weight man.”

The music video doesn’t shy away from being controversial as well. Filmed in Manchester by the Sitcom Soldiers Film Company, the clip contains some provocative imagery which naturalists, animal lovers, vegetarians and vegans will find especially disturbing to watch. In reaching the halfway point of the video, man do we know how mad Kill J must have been when she wrote this song. Proceed with caution. Once you’ve seen the clip, you can’t unsee it, it is somewhat unsettling. The song is a stunner, though.

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