In truth, I don’t tend to get into Eurovision this early during the participant selection proceedings. However, I was led this way not by the UK’s Olly Alexander bombshell announcement this weekend.) It was revealed Olly will represent the UK at Eurovision in Malmö next May 2024). In fact, igniting my early Eurovision fever is South African singer NELVEN. He has covered an electro-pop interpretation of the Cyprus entry “Break A Broken Heart” by Australian singer Andrew Lambrou, entered at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. For a rounding up post featured in the blogBreak A Broken Heart,” was one of the stand-out songs I wrote about. I was especially keen to listen to NELVEN’s version when a video popped up on my YouTube recommendations recently.

As a music enthusiast, I was thrilled to come across NELVEN’s cover of “Break A Broken Heart.” NELVEN has a multi-faceted career, juggling being a medical doctor, a professional model, and a singer. Despite this, he delivered a heartfelt performance that showcased his impressive vocal range and electro-pop sensibility. However, the song lends well to the electro-pop-styled make-over it has undergone. What’s more, NELVEN’s choice of song is a testament to his confidence and willingness to take risks as an artist. I find it remarkable that he was able to strike a balance between his various professional pursuits while still managing to deliver a vocal that holds up well and doesn’t appear uncomfortably out of his depth. If you’re looking for a fresh take on a powerful pop ballad, I highly recommend checking out NELVEN’s cover of “Break A Broken Heart.”

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What is for sure, unlike the music video for the Andrew Lambrou version that wasn’t too memorable. NELVEN’s music video is truly unforgettable. The visual accompaniment features Nelven, some lovely ladies, and a group of muscular men working out at the gym. It perfectly celebrates the song’s powerful message of resilience in the face of heartbreak. It’s worth noting that in 2022, NELVEN won Mister Global SA, a men’s beauty contest, so it’s safe to say that his stunning looks are just as impressive as his singing talent. Pierre Nel, as a performer, delivers a credible performance in this video that is sure to leave an impression. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates raw talent and beauty.

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