January is always a slow month for new music releases but there are other sources we can look to for a helping of electronic pop. When everywhere else is quiet, the wheels of the Eurovision selection processes set into motion and for a number of countries this means an extensive search and weeks of public voting heats to decide who will be victorious in gaining the prestige of representing their country at the famed song competition.

Lithuania is one of those countries who go through the rigours of the live public voting heats and last year in their wisdom they sent one of their most known pop exports Donny Montell for a second attempt at grabbing the prize. At the turn of events “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” landed in a respectable 9th place. So happen the Lithuanian’s are rather astute in surmising what Europe wants in unifying songs.

The battle has already commenced in the hunt for the act Lithuania will take to Kiev in May and there’s been one stand-out entry from 16 year old Paula Valentaité with the unashamedly dance-pop track “Let U Go”, that’s scoring a lot of early attention. It’s been produced by Gytis Valakis (known as Echoes) who has also worked with Donny Montell, so perhaps some tip giving on what makes a good Eurovision entry may have been offered.

Let U Go” feels like the first serious contender up for Eurovision entry consideration to make it all the way through to Kiev this year. There is still a long way to go and it might be trumped yet, but it unmistakably has some definite Eurovision appeal about it.