Can you believe it? The week of Eurovision has arrived! It seems to come around quicker each year, don’t you think? Or is it to do with the endless talk about it? Either way, what is definite. We are in for a wild ride of excitement, some silliness and perhaps a bit of controversy. And with the 2023 competition held in Liverpool, hosted by the UK on behalf of the 2022 winners Ukraine the creme de la creme of UK broadcasters and TV celebrities are involved. Exciting news! Tia Kofi, from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, also a singer, is a digital presenter. She is a confessed Eurovision fan and a talented singer. Also, not one to miss an opportunity. This week Tia has unleashed her new single, a cover of Germany’s 2010 winning Eurovision entry, the track “Satellite” by Lena.

Unlike the original, that is a package of both cute and quirky. Tia makes the song even more captivating. She updates “Satellite” using an electrifying 80s synth-pop vibe and brings a darker and more intense tone to the lyrics through her magnetic, alluring vocals. In her performance, the track has transformed, taking on a life of its own. Tia has left her mark!

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So, keep an eye out for Tia. She’ll be popping up on BBC digital channels. And don’t forget to tune in to the BBC One Eurovision TV specials tonight (May 8th), as she might make an appearance there too (wink, wink).

Listen up! Get ready to be blown away by Tia Kofi and her special guests Nic Billington, Kehli, Osvaldo Supino and Rhian!, as they take the stage at the EQ Music Live Pride Showcase in London at The Camden Club on June 27th, 2023. This show is not to be missed! Clear your schedule and be there!

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