Well, this makes sense. A past Czech Republic Eurovision representative teams up with the current Czech Republic participants of Eurovision 2022. You might recall this. The indie-pop band Lake Malawi came to light with their Eurovision entry “Friend of a Friend” in 2019. A quirky pop offering. One best remembered for its inspiring Instagram themed music video. Because of the 80s influence, much of music by Lake Malawi has to it. I carried on keeping an eye on the band from time to time. While a previous participant releasing a new track around the time Eurovision takes place, is nothing new. (This is a regular occurance). A collaboration, that is made up of a current participant of the upcoming song contest, and a previous representative teams up. Definitely, might be regarded as more of an highly unusual move.

This years entrants. Electro-poppers We Are Domi will take their song “Lights Off” to Turin in May. In a bid to increase more buzz around them. Collaborating with the guys of Lake Malawi on the track “High Speed Kissing” sure won’t harm their chances in the contest next month.

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The track “High-Speed Kissing” was written by Lake Malawi founder and frontman Albert Černý. After tuning in for an Instagram live broadcast. It was here I found out. The track, came about because he wanted to write a song with love and passion in mind. Recalling the butterfly feelings of excitement felt when meeting someone new. The overwhelming desire in the heat of the moment to reach in for a kiss, rapidly escalating to snogging their face-off. Oh yeah, we’ve all had this experience, right?

Moreover, the song does shine a bit of a new light on We Are Domi. The collaborative offering “High- Speed Kissing” steers them deeper into a pop styling and sound. Yet with their Eurovision entry “Lights Off,” the band appears to have had a dance-pop arena in mind.

Rather like when the bands New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys came together as NKOTBSB. And as when McFly and Busted spawned McBusted. Going on their collaboration “High-Speed Kissing“. By way of suggestion. I would like to put forward the idea I had, that Lake Malawi and We Are Domi should consider sharing the stage more. As a supergroup, perhaps. I would buy into it!

Who knew pop music out of the Czech Republic could sound so good?

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