I like the Swiss synth-pop artist Crimer because he makes great, imaginative music videos which are creatively on the arty side. I picked up on his dark-wave stylings, last year when he first went out promoting debut album “Leave Me Baby“, but lots of exciting developments have happened since then. He’s, signed with electronic dance music label Ultra Music, which I find an intriguing move by the imprint. Being that Crimer’s, brooding styled disco offerings are more off-centre than the usual dance floor stompers the label get behind. Nonetheless, it is heartening to detect there might be a wind of change in the air, with the acquisition of Crimer onto their roster.

Bois Cry” is a disco-pop, cloaked in glam, offering which has been specially written for the guys who struggle with showing off their emotional, tender sides.

“It’s always there: the painful feeling of having to hold back a gazillion tears,” Crimer whimpers. “But don’t you feed fake strength because this salty water is as damn tasty as nutritious! So let it run and cry for fun.”

And what of the music video? It is rather magnificent in that the singer, is first seen sitting atop a brilliant-white horse. The scene begs the question. Is Crimer residing in a heavenly like abode? Yes, I am convinced, this is what the distinctive clip is alluding to. Striking though the scene is, it is NOT my favourite bit from the video. I am entranced with the segment where he dances in the rain which in itself, is a plot twist, that I will leave you to discover for yourselves.

In all honesty, the video reminds me of something The Sound Of Arrows would be likeliest to make. So happy for any visual which prompts reminiscing of The Sound Of Arrows and Hurts, because this time Crimer’s voice is bringing on this kind of feels.

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