It’s all happening over in Switzerland at the moment. I know I only recently wrote about Swiss emerging band Sinplus, but there’s another exciting new music talent I’ve been interested in for a few months and thought I’d now bring to your attention. He’s a little, dark pop and in the first instance, his style may cater best to fans of Hurts, Depeche Mode and The Cure. Alexander Frei better, known as Crimer is considered one of the leading lights in his homeland after bagging a prestigious “Best Talent 2018” award from the radio station SRF 3. His debut album “Leave Me Baby” came out in February and is peppered with new-wave groovy, and brooding synth-pop, backed with pulsating beats bringing a twist of pop noir flavours to the dancefloor.

The visual aesthetic is very, strong with Crimer’s work, the music videos, on the whole, are arty and feature him (if, being kind) dancing slightly, awkward like, he’s possessed or had a jolt of electricity pass through his body. I don’t think a new dance trend is on the way to the clubs, but who am I to say that it might already have taken off in Switzerland.

There’s no denying if you were given Crimer’s tracks to listen to blindly you might well be tricked into thinking, the vocals are those of the great Dave Gahan. The base in his tone is really, quite similar. While musically the style bends more towards that of Hurts dappled with The Cure’s goth-pop guitars. Mostly, you’ll be hard-pressed to shake the rising Swiss singer’s pop-sensible vocal likeness to the Depeche Mode frontman from your mind.

I’ve plucked out two of his latest video’s to share with you, above there’s the clip for “Hours” and below is the visual which supports “Cards“.There is no doubt Crimer is completely serious about what he does, but maybe in the “Cards” video, we get to see a speck of humour albeit dark. Perhaps, he just takes exception to karaoke singers who sing his songs off-key and badly. What happens in the video clip, could make going to one of his gig’s seem pretty, off-putting, though.

As an artist, he has a grand sound with equally, grand ambitions. And has so, many ideas bursting out to be noticed. He has us interested, in Switzerland because of the music uppermost, and not just because of being renowned as the land of alps, museli, cheese and delicious chocolate.

Connect with Crimer
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crimermusic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crimermusic/