Here we are, we’ve reached the end of 2020, a mostly testing and traumatic year in real life. Music really has served the purpose of lifting spirits, when it has been needed most. Although the absence of live music with a crowd in attendance has been sorely missed. Let us wish hard for its return when the calendar flips over to 2021. Swiss pop artist CRIMER seems to have managed to perform at a few live shows at least. Although nothing on the scale of his live commitments during 2019, where he supported living legend Cher. Instead, he’s helping us ring in the New Year with a cover of “Believe” one of Cher’s biggest hits.

CRIMER has graciously unleashed live footage to YouTube of his cover, recorded for a digital livestream hosted by Zurich’s cultural venue Moods Club. I must say the interpretation sticks close to the, 1998 original, but I am not disapproving of this in the slightest. As it is lovely to see his energetic homage to one of his music idols. The dance moves he performs are, purely, of CRIMER orientation. I don’t imagine we’ll be seeing Cher replicating CRIMER’s choreography any time soon.

Like CRIMER, I felt we needed sending ghastly 2020 on its way with the mother of pop bops. It is fortuitous that at the last-minute CRIMER obliged us with his emboldened rendition of “Believe.” Do you know what I’ll be doing tonight at one minute to midnight?… I’ll be safely at home topping up my wine glass in readiness to raise a toast to the New Year. As I do so, I will be, popping on this track and taking-a-lead from the lyrics going into 2021. That with strength, believe that things will get better in the coming months.

May health, happiness and good pop music follow you and yours during the year to come. Extending well wishes for 2021 to each and every one of our readers.- From team EQ Music Blog, Raj and Mandy.

Connect with CRIMER
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crimermusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/crimerboi
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crimermusic/

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