I am well pleased to learn pop artist CRIMER from Switzerland has dropped a new track “Church” that has not yet involved him singing it karaoke style while sitting on the toilet and posting these clips to Instagram. Which, if you are wondering… seems to be his latest flex. I am guessing he has purely been doing this because the acoustics in the smallest room in his house is good, though. I last covered Crimer on the blog with a cover of “Believe“. (Which you will undoubtedly already know as being one of Cher’s biggest hits). He has since returned to his crimey ways, unleashing dark, leaning synth-pop bops.

The latest “Church” makes good use of his baritone voice. Although, I have a confession to make. I got a little confused with the lyrics at first. I think I got it figured after a few plays. It seems to me the track is about a demanding lover (or possibly an ex) who is reluctant to leave him alone and keeps on offloading their problems on Crimey.

Crimer posted this statement about the track online, he says…

Church” is about being the priest for another person. Coz’ everyone needs someone to confess their dirty sins. And if you don’t have that person in your life. Don’t cry. Padre crimero will forgive all your

It is good to know Crimer has got our back.

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The video is an interesting one, I must say. I assumed the reference to priest and church was a hint he might likely, be wearing a cassock with a clerical collar. And, would have been an obvious choice of attire for this music video shoot. My bad, I forgot for a quick minute that Crimer favours the obscure and unorthodox more. Of course, he was always, going to drape his car in a bridal train and choose to wear a fascinator, in the place of a cloak and collar.

No one keeps the 80s electronic-pop vibe alive quite like Crimer. If you are a fan of 80s synth-pop / new-wave and you have not been music obsessed with Crimer, then you really should get into his Depeche Mode like grooves now.

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