Come on over here cherry, cherries! I’ve been chomping at the bit to sink my teeth into my new found favourite Dragonette track “Darth Vader”.

For as long as we can remember Dragonette have been perched upon our radar. And if you were thinking that we weren’t ever going to mention the fact that they’ve a new album out, by way of “Royal Blues”, then think again. We were saving up to drop the full whammy of news on you that we’ve commandeered them to headline our next EQ Music Live show in February!

The excitement is building up real here at EQ Music, because we know that to hear a selection of the “Royal Blues” tracks at first hand, in an intimate live setting, such as our EQ Music Live shows are, will enable us to be suitably fixin’ to thrill more than ever before, where a Dragonette album is concerned.

There are so many of Dragonette’s maelstrom of hits that we hope they might pull out of the bag to surprise us with. Call out to “Live In This City”, “Pick Up The Phone”, “Fixin’ To Thrill”, “I Get Around”, you get the picture, my personal wish-list is endless!

Of the new “Royal Blues” album. The spacey, disco delight that is “Darth Vader” is a total hot pick and you can get more familiar with it by jumping on the audio stream conveniently placed here or better still have it with you when you’re on the go. As we’ve included it on our February 2017 edition of the This Beat Is Poptronik” playlist on Spotify.

Not only this. There are a WHOPPING 64 other tracks on the February Edition too, not all by Dragonette of course, I hasten to add. Cracking tunes aplenty though.

Electronic Pop is alive and well and sounding holy moly, amazeballs in 2017!