Ever since having an early listen to some of the new Lostchild tracks, which were previewed during our recent, EQ Music Live Presents event in September of last year, it’s safe to say, our excitement about the new material has been bubbling up inside us.

I vividly, remember the sneak peeks of “Blacklist” and “Heartburn” on the night, not least because of the groovy, dance-inducing melodies but because at the heart of the music – the openly, honest song lyrics are a continuation of a personal story, full of raw emotions.

At first, the production of “Blacklist” stood out to me, as there was something in its rhythmic movement which I picked out as pushing towards the style of 80’s pop hit-machine makers Stock Aitken Waterman. Back in the day, I could just see someone from the SAW family like Rick Astley doing a song in this style. Those are just my thoughts, but Lostchild puts his music influence down to his mother introducing him to Madonna’s “Immaculate Collection”. The Madonna inspiration couldn’t come through as being any more vivid as displayed by the accompanying music video for “Blacklist” directed by Gary Woods.

The clip is somewhat provocative and goes deep, so that we see Lostchild expressing himself like we haven’t seen before. There’s no papering up or dodging issues. It is an extremely brave, visual account of someone feeling lost and at their lowest ebb, spiralling down into a messy emotional black hole, trying to numb away the feelings of pain, hurt and every other emotional state which comes with it.

The thing to know with Lostchild is this – the music with its retro allure may lead you to the dance floor, but there’s always a touch of bittersweet, which exists. It’s all about an artist with the integrity of always being truthfully honest.

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