Regular readers of EQ Music Blog will know we are hugely excited by the soft, emotive pop songs of Lostchild. The authenticity in his lyrics, coupled with sonically, bright melodies and unforgettable vocals turned us into instant fans, supporters, and ultimately with our Raj scooping the singer up under his management. Truthfully, we have always felt there is something special about the music of Lostchild (Joe Copplestone), whereby we have warmly taken each of the singer’s track releases, straight to our hearts. Latest EP “Like Like” fairs no different. To our mind’s, Lostchild is back, sounding and looking better (in music video sense) than ever.

The EP title track “Like Like” is a song which earnestly details the struggle of growing up. Of the singer seeing his circle of friends and everybody close around him, either finding their niche or find that special someone they can settle down with. Lostchild doesn’t fit in the same mould as his peers. Sadly his attempts, at trying to find someone to love or at the very least ‘like like’, do not lead him to the kind of suitors he yearns to meet. Ultimately the feeling builds of being kind of hopelessly unfulfilled in this area of his life.

There is something which should help lighten Joe’s downhearted mood. He has achieved the goal set when launching his recent Indiegogo campaign. It was started with the hope of creating a fabulously, dazzling pink music video be made in support of the song. With supporters backing, along with the directorial skills of Johnny Lochland (Bright Light Bright Light and Holly Johnson), and the candy-pink corridor of his dreams. The cute, pastel-hued video has arrived. Usually, when pop artists promote melancholy song’s about the trials and tribulations of love and relationships. They will likeliest put out a music video where we see them broodily singing in a derelict warehouse or similar. Not so for Joe, he definitely is in the pink despite feeling a touch on the blue side.

Like Like“, is an honest, frills-free song, with Lostchild putting himself out there on the line, sharing his anguish and self-doubt. Sweet as lyrics with warmth all-round, announce Lostchild has delivered beyond expectation.

Check out the “Like Like” EP here.

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