After surprising us with his haunting cover of Madonna’s “Skin” last month, Lostchild drops a banger of a dance cover in “Could Be Real” as a free download for all of us to get down and dirty with.

“Could Be Real” is a cover of the Sub Focus classic which gives us a little bit more of an insight into the influences that come into play with Lostchild’s own amazing brand of electronic pop.

Lostchild explains:

“Although clubbing and festival environments have always been scary, anxiety-inducing places for me, I have an intense love of euphoric club music, and Sub Focus has always been one of my favourite acts. Could Be Real is my tribute to that kind of music, and to the club and festival scene, of which despite everything, I have some incredible memories from.”

Get to know more about Lostchild below in our Introducing Lostchild video piece.